Public Housing Resident Youth Activity Payment Request Policy:

 Any child who resides in a Helena Housing Authority (HHA) public housing unit may, with the permission and signature of a parent or legal guardian, apply for up to $100 per calendar year (January 1-December 31) in a healthy activity or educational financial assistance program.

 Examples: (not limited to)

  • Sports Activity Fee
  • Swimming Pass
  • Piano Lessons
  • Theater Camp
  • Dance fees
  • Ski Pass

 * HHA will manage an annual list by date and time of application to ensure no one exceeds $100; funds are distributed on a first come first serve basis.

*Proof of registration for activity is required before payment will be considered

 * All payment will be in check format and will be made out directly to the vendor, if there are multiple children participating in one vendor’s activity, that vendor will receive one check from HHA and an itemized list of participants.  

 *HHA has allocated $5,000 annually for this program, if and when funds are exhausted for the year, no exceptions will be made and funds will not carry over year to year. The assistance for the year will close until the following calendar year.

 *HHA shall determine in its sole discretion what constitutes a qualifying “health activity or educational” program.