HHA 2024 Housing Choice Voucher Payment Standards:

(Effective 11/7/2024)

0-Bed:  $928.00
1-Bed:  $1,066.00
2-Bed:  $1,347.00
3-Bed:  $1,746.00
4-Bed:  $2,007.00
5-Bed:  $2,308.00
6-Bed:  $2,654.00

Payment standards represent gross rent including the housing rent and the cost of all standard utilities included in rent.  The appropriate utility allowances must be deducted from the payment standard for all applicable tenant paid utilities.

Utility Schedules for Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Programs:

(Effective 3/1/2024)

City of Helena Utility Allowances

Broadwater, Jefferson, and Lewis & Clark Counties (excluding the city of Helena) Utility Allowances