UPDATE 8/19/22: The deadline for questions regarding HHA-FY23-RFP-001: Snow Removal Services was 5:00PM on Wednesday, August 17, 2022. No questions were received.

The following questions and answers are from the last time HHA issued a RFP for Snow Removal Services. They were originally posted online at 11:40AM on 2/9/9/21.

Q&A from last RFP for Snow Removal Services:

Question 1:
I did have one question as it is not listed in the HHA site proposal price sheet. I do see that you will want sanding or ice melt services. (Should) I add that into the snow removal bid section as one full service per visit (snow plowing, shoveling, ice melt, sanding) "proposed cost for snow removal at site"?

We also offer liquid de-icer which we apply on our commercial properties. Would that be a service HHA would want to prevent slip and fall or just sanding?

HHA would like to further define “Snow Removal Services” (or “Proposed Cost for Snow Removal at Sites(s), as it is listed on the Proposal Price Summary Forms) to include all of the following basic services:

- Snow Removal (all snow clearing from parking lots and sidewalks, plowing, shoveling, etc.)
- Sanding
- Graveling

Additional services, including de-icing, liquid-de-icing, snow hauling, etc. can be listed as such, with line-itemed costs per site and service. HHA is happy to be informed of additional services not specifically requested in the RFP. Clarity of available services and their related costs per site is especially helpful to ensure fair and comprehensive cost comparisons among proposals/responses HHA may receive from interested parties.

If listing additional services, it is appropriate and helpful for proposals/responses to include what additional services are available and which are not. For instance, if snow-hauling is not an Additional Service available from a proposing firm/individual, it would help fully inform a proposal by letting HHA know ahead of time the full-scale capabilities of a responding firm/individual.

Question 2:
I noticed in the snow removal scope Helena Housing Authority is requiring service on a 1” trigger and pricing to follow. I am wondering if it makes since to have a pricing structure that follows different triggers or even seasonal (all-inclusive) pricing?

The reason I bring this is to your attention because (some) companies charge a different rate dependent on the snow accumulation.

1”-2.99” snow fall = $x per push
3”-4.99” snow fall = $x per push
5”-6.99” snow fall = $x per push
7”-9.99” snow fall = $x per push
10”-12” snow fall = $x per push
(With the) same pricing structure for sidewalks

So instead of only being charged $x per push for a 1” snow fall, we would take the average of all the above per push prices and average them out and you would be paying $x per push (for 1” snow fall).

The other option would be a seasonal price, where you would only pay $x per month per location no matter how much it snows. (Many other client sites) we maintain like this pricing structure because it’s a lot easier to budget.

We are happy to submit pricing as determined in the RFP. I wanted to at least run these other options by you and see what your thoughts were.

HHA wants to use the snowfall level of 1” as its official trigger for Snow Removal Services to be initiated and rendered. We understand that should a heavy snowfall continue and result in new accumulation, some sites may need to be visited multiple times per day/snowfall to maintain clear and safe parking lots and sidewalks.

While initial accumulation (or new accumulation on a site already serviced) may reach a level beyond 1” (or for instance the 1” - 2.99” level listed above), HHA is seeking a flat, per-site visit and resulting charge for Snow Removal Services (as now more fully described in the answer to Question 1) regardless of the accumulation. If accumulation results in a service considered to be above-and-beyond what we are considering basic “Snow Removal Services” (resulting in the need for Snow Hauling for instance), this service could be included at a cost per service per site or otherwise an hourly charge as part of Additional Services that can be included as part of a proposal/response to this RFP.

With these considerations, please feel free to include any available options for all-inclusive seasonal pricing per site for basic Snow Removal Services - where HHA would pay a specified amount per site per month regardless of how much it snows. Then, Additional Services beyond the basics could also be listed as other line items per site with their related cost(s).

Please note that regardless of whether a vendor is billing a flat, per site visit cost for Snow Removal Services (and any additional services) or if billing is based on an all-inclusive seasonal pricing per site for basic Snow Removal Services (plus any additional services), the vendor must provide a specific accounting of the date and time of the Snow Removal Services (and any additional services) being provided at each site, for each and every service occurrence.