Purpose:  To provide guidelines for HHA and its residents regarding unlawful Methamphetamine use and/or manufacturing on property owned or managed by HHA.

Helena Housing Authority’s mission is to provide safe affordable housing.  For this reason, HHA will aggressively act to ensure that all HHA Housing units are monitored for Methamphetamine use and contamination.  HHA will test all HHA units upon their vacancy for the presence of Methamphetamine to establish a measurable baseline and to ensure the unit complies with decontamination standards set by state law at MCA §75-10-303 (Less than or equal to 0.1 micrograms of per 100 sq. meters of surface material).  This threshold shall be accomplished and verified with testing before a new family moves into a unit. 

Please click here to view the full Meth Remediation Policy, which includes multiple related procedures.