If you are unable to attend orientation, you now have the ability to APPLY ONLINE for PUBLIC HOUSING and LOCAL HCV (Local Section 8) with one application submission.  To ensure easy submission of your completed application, we currently recommend that you use Internet Explorer.  Please click on the apply online hyperlink above and an Adobe PDF form will pop up.  Please fill out this form in its entirety.

If you are interested in applying for a State voucher, please click here to be redirected to webpage for that specific program.

You may submit the application electronically by clicking the red "Submit" button at the end of the application.  Again, we recommend you use Internet Explorer to submit your application, as other internet browsers may not allow the "submit" action.  If you have Microsoft outlook or a server that will allow you to use your Gmail or Yahoo web based email, the "Submit" button will attach your completed application to an email addressed to our Admissions staff.

If you are not able to perform either of these options from your computer, you may save the application to your desktop, complete it, save it, and email it to admissions@hhamt.org or you may print it and bring it to HHA’s office at 812 Abbey St.


Once HHA receives your application it will be printed, date stamped, and you will be placed on our housing wait lists.  HHA will then contact you by mail when your name comes up on the list for a unit or a voucher.  You MUST update mailing address changes with us as they happen for you.  If we send you a letter and we do not hear from you or it is returned to us by the post office, you will be removed from the lists.

If you have any questions regarding your application or waiting lists for our different housing programs please call our office at (406) 442-7970.