If you are unable to attend orientation, you now have the ability to complete an ELECTRONIC APPLICATION for PUBLIC HOUSING and LOCAL HCV (Local Section 8) with one application submission.  Please click on either of the ELECTRONIC APPLICATION hyperlinks and an Adobe PDF form will open.

If you prefer to hand-write your application, please feel free to print the PDF and then hand-deliver or mail it to our office at 812 Abbey St., ATTN: Admissions.  If printing the application, please be sure to select ‘Fit’ or ‘Fit to Page’ in your Page Sizing & Handling Options.

The loan was very easy to file. I was approved immediately and was able to use the funds to pay off the other two loans and catch up with some other things. I would recommend https://creditsonly.com/ to everyone.

If you want to type your information into the application, to then email it to our office, please first save the PDF to your computer.  This will give you the opportunity to save your progress, ensuring that HHA receives your complete application.  After saving the PDF to your computer, please fill out the form in its entirety.  On the last page of the PDF application, you will see the words SUBMIT APPLICATION above a red box.  Please click on the red box to prompt your computer to email the PDF application to our Admissions department, where your application will be received, printed, and date-stamped.  You will then be added to all of the waiting lists for the housing programs you selected on your application.

Again, once HHA receives your application it will be printed, date stamped, and you will be placed on all applicable housing program waiting lists.  HHA will then contact you by mail when your name comes up on a waiting list for a unit or a voucher.  Please remember to update our office with any mailing address changes as they happen for you.  If we send you a letter and we do not hear from you or it is returned to us by the post office, you will be removed from the waiting lists.

Please note:  You do not have to attend orientation if you apply online or turn in a completed application to the HHA Office at 812 Abbey St. Helena, MT 59601.

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, download it now.

If you have any questions regarding your application you may call (406) 442-7970.