HHA Board of Commissioners

The Mayor of the City of Helena appoints a 7-member Board of Commissioners. The Board determines HHA policies and monitors HHA’s financial and operational success. The Board acts in formal session and deals with administration only in a formal manner through the Board-appointed Executive Director. The Board does not assume any day-to-day management or administrative functions of HHA. The Executive Director is hired by the Board and manages HHA’s day-to-day operations.

Board meetings are generally held on the last Tuesday of each month, but the actual schedule may vary month to month. Meetings take place in HHA’s Administrative Office at 812 Abbey St. and begin at 4:15 p.m. You may contact Michael M. O’Neil, Executive Director for additional Board meeting information at (406) 442-7970 ext. 124 or moneil@hhamt.org.

Commissioner Position
 Sherri Downing  Chair
 Lanessa Littrell  Vice Chair
 Stacey Anderson  Commissioner
 Matt Dalton  Commissioner
 Vacancy  Commissioner
 Judy Nielsen  Commissioner
 Liese Zebrun-Gero  Commissioner

If you are interested in serving as a Commissioner, please click here for a City of Helena Appointment Application.

For a list of HHA Staff, click here.

For a photograph of the HHA Board of Commissioners from 1938, click here.