HHA Staff

Management Staff

Employee Title Email
Phone Ext. #
Michael O’Neil Executive Director moneil@hhamt.org 124
Denise Cummins Operations Manager dcummins@hhamt.org 103
Mark Kaltenbach Facilities Manager mkaltenbach@hhamt.org 111
Kurt Fuehrer Accountant kfuehrer@hhamt.org 105
Justin Delli Bovi Part-Time Administrator / Special Projects Coordinator jdellibovi@hhamt.org 112
Vacant – Accepting Applications Administrative Assistant reception@hhamt.org 122

 Housing Choice Voucher Staff

Employee Title Email
Phone Ext. #
Felicia Velasquez HCV Specialist III fvelasquez@hhamt.org
Vineta Surber State Section 8 / HCV Specialist I vsurber@hhamt.org 115
Janice Kinney Local Section 8 / HCV Specialist I jkinney@hhamt.org
Mark Greytak HQS Inspector mgreytak@hhamt.org 109

Public Housing Staff

Employee Title Email
Phone Ext. #
Karen Taylor Admissions Specialist III ktaylor@hhamt.org
Carole Breen Property Manager III cbreen@hhamt.org
Brittany Cazier Property Manager I bcazier@hhamt.org 125
Carri Neiman Property Manager I cneiman@hhamt.org

Maintenance Staff

Employee Title
Tom Brooks Custodian/Groundskeeper
Ervin “Mitch” Cripe Custodian/Groundskeeper
Mark Greytak Custodian/Groundskeeper
Donald Simpson Custodian/Groundskeeper
Randal “Skeeter” Warner Custodian/Groundskeeper
Vacancies – Accepting Applications Custodian/Groundskeeper
Jason Allison Maintenance Technician
Mike Dussault Maintenance Technician
Brian Helmbrecht Maintenance Technician
Brandon McClain Maintenance Technician
Mark Prendergast Maintenance Technician
Vacancies – Accepting Applications Maintenance Technician

Board of Commissioners (volunteers)

For a list of HHA Board Members, click here.